Travel Tips

#1- ALWAYS make sure you have PLENTY of storage on your phone.
The worst thing is trying to take a picture of a beautiful sight only to learn your
storage is full! (Dropbox or Google Drive are both good)

#2- ALWAYS be prepared.
If you have your flight itinerary on your phone, have a print out copy too (check out
TripIt). Also, if you have a credit card, bring another one or a debit card with you.
Make sure to have cash as well!

#3- ALWAYS have headphones, a good book and an inflatable neck pillow.
The flight is always longer than you think.  (Charles Martin is my favorite author)

#4- ALWAYS have comfortable shoes and more than one pair.
You will always do more walking than you anticipate. Multi-purpose shoes are great!

#5- ALWAYS have ways to reach friends back home.
(WhatsApp, Viber and now FB Messenger) are great apps to stay in touch and send
pictures and videos to friends and family.

#6- ALWAYS have a miscellaneous bag.
       I always travel with Band-aids, Purell, Fabreeze, Chapstick, Powdered Energy Drink,
       Goodies (headache powder for migraines) Protein bars, Sunscreen, and Liquid
laundry s
oap (if you’re staying in a hotel, you can hand-wash your clothes if a
washer is not

#7- ALWAYS take a gift and a thank you note with you.
If you are just visiting friends or staying with them, its always nice to have
something to give as a thank you. Or, you never know who you might meet while
traveling that may be in need of a gift :)! (Gifts easy to travel with: Calendars, coffee,
a book, a print of a painting kept in a tube)

#8- ALWAYS leave a little space in your suitcase & keep it fresh.
There will always be a souvenir or two you will want to bring home for a friend or
for you! Place a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep it smelling fresh!

#9- ALWAYS keep the mindset that traveling is an adventure.
Have you ever watched the Amazing Race? If not, look up old episodes and watch
it. More than that, keep that mindset. When you travel things are bound to go
wrong from time to time. Stay calm and just try to figure it out. I always think of it
like I am living in a puzzle and I have to solve it. Enjoy the ups and downs. It’s a
privilege to be able to travel.

#10- ALWAYS make the most of your trip.
You won’t be able to see everything, so don’t wear yourself out by trying to rush here
and rush there. You end up tired and worn out. If you’re traveling with someone
else, enjoy that time together. Some of the best memories I have with friends and
family is on trips. Life is short. Quality over quantity! Lastly, when you find a
beautiful spot, take a few pictures, then set your phone down and soak in the sight.
Be present in the moment. You won’t regret it.