Explore your backyard: Fairchild Botanical Gardens

Growing up as a native Floridian, I’ve always heard about Mr. Fairchild. In fact, on my tour of The Bonnet House, I learned that a lot of the plants were originally from Fairchild Garden’s.

Although Fairchild’s Botanical Garden is about an hour away from me, it was totally worth the drive!

The drive into the garden slowly strips away the cares you were carrying. Once you walk into the gift shop and admission, the smiling people (and the cold a/c!) make you feel so welcome!

We arrived just in time to catch the trolly which takes you around the 83 acres of breathtaking nature!

The land where Fairchild Botanical Garden was purchased by Robert H. Montgomery (1872–1953), an accountant, attorney, and businessman with a passion for plant-collecting. He named it after his friend David Fairchild (1869–1954), a significant plant explorer. At the age of 22, David Fairchild created the Section of Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction of the United States Department of Agriculture, and for the next 37 years, he traveled the world in search of plants of potential use to the American people.

Fairchild visited every continent in the world (except Antarctica) and brought back hundreds of important plants, including mangos, alfalfa, nectarines, dates, cotton, soybeans, bamboos and the flowering cherry trees that grace Washington D.C.

Dr. Fairchild retired to Miami in 1935 and joined a group of passionate plant collectors and horticulturists, including retired accountant Col. Robert H. Montgomery, environmentalist Marjory Stoneman Douglas (see the statue of her below), County Commissioner Charles Crandon and landscape architect William Lyman Phillips. This core group worked tirelessly to bring the idea of a one of a kind botanic garden to life, and in 1938, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden opened its 83 acres to the public for the first time.

Fun Fact: Fairchild Botanical Garden has the largest rainforest in the continental United States! (My sister and her kiddos checking out the rainforest).

Fairchild’s is a great place to go by yourself to shoot pictures, with your family, or on a date. There is no wrong way visit, but visit you must!

For the kids, they have a beautiful butterfly sanctuary, and also a way to follow the trolley tour with coloring sheets and finding particular plants and animals. My sister, Linda, and my nieces and nephews came with me to explore. We all had a lovely time!

If you’re looking to get married, this is an incredible location to have a wedding (just not in the summer). In the 83 acres that I explored, I didn’t see an ugly view!

Fun Fact: The tree that bears the leaves that make the perfume Chanel No. 5 is located in Fairchild. *Tall Tree in the picture

This Garden was amazing. The smells are second to none. I can’t wait to go back again! If you’re ever in the area, or you’re a native that has not been to Fairchild’s Botanical Garden, you must make it a point to go! You will not be disappointed. Here are some more pictures for you to enjoy!

Until next time, Cheers to your next adventure!

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