Explore Your Backyard: My New Favorite Coffee House

I found my new favorite coffee shop in Fort Lauderdale! As you might remember, I wrote a blog a few months back about my favorite coffee shops.

This next coffee shop takes the cake! It just opened three months ago. It’s called Circle House Coffee!

Not only do they have delicious coffee, smoothies and donuts to die for, they also give back! Every month they choose a local charity to give to.

I had the opportunity to go to an event for The Heart Gallery of Broward. The event was hosted by Circle House Coffee because for the last month they chose to The Heart Gallery of Broward as their charity for the month. The Heart Gallery of Broward is definitely an organization that is dear to my heart.

The owner, Stephen Tulloch, was a linebacker in the NFL for eleven years. He was raised by his mom in a single parent home. But his determination to make something of himself didn’t stop with him. He wrote a book called The Little Linebacker to inspire the next generation.

You never know what will pop up in your own backyard, or who you might meet, so stay on the lookout!

I want to just extend a special thank you to Stephen for all his hard work on and off the field. He is truly an inspiration! Thank you for your determination and generosity! The world needs more people like you!

This month, Circle House Coffee will be raising money for Women in Distress. Until next time, my fellow sojourners, Cheers!

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