Kidnapped in the Nick of Time

I haven’t forgotten about you all. Things have been just a little busy to say the least. I ran a Half marathon. I was interning for my black belt. Working on monthly writing projects. Renovating my bedroom, and making time for family and friends.

But just a few months ago, I was kidnapped and taken on an adventure! Where? You guessed it my own backyard!

My sweet sister-friend, Alean, took me out to celebrate my birthday. She and my other sister took me to some really sweet local spots around town! We had a blast.

The morning started off at the O-B House on 2nd Street. The food was phenomenal! The outdoor seating was idyllic! And the company (my sisters and mom) was second to none!

After filling our bellies with top of the line food, we headed to thermae retreat! I got a facial. It was my first time so I was a little nervous, but it was wonderful. We spent time in the saunas and talking and relaxing. I felt so refreshed and relaxed by the time I left.

Since we were so relaxed, we needed to add a little balance, so we went to Anne’s Coffee and Florist shop on Las Olas. See best coffee spots in Fort Lauderdale.

At Anne’s my sweet sister planned a picnic lunch. We had hummus, olives, multiple kinds of cheese, pita bread and apples. It was divine.

We went home for a bit and then headed right back out on the town to catch some live music. We went to Ibiza Café.

It was amazing! They played live Greek and Latin music, and they danced salsa and the woman did some belly dancing. And the best part was when they had everyone in the restaurant swing their napkins slowly until the beat pick up. Then if it couldn’t get any better, the female dancer grabbed me and my sister to go up and dance with her. This birthday was definitely one for the books. If you’re in Fort Lauderdale, I suggest visiting everyone of these spots!

Here are two of my favorite shots of Fort Lauderdale from that night 🌴!

Until next time, cheers!

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