The Ambience of Atlanta

This week I am in Atlanta for a conference. It’s been phenomenal! The conference has been great and so has the food and spots!

I’ve been staying at the Marriott Marquis and it is exquisite!

And the restaurants I’ve eaten at have NOT disappointed, here are some MUST eat places :):

  • Aviva by Kameel (Mediterranean food — Absolutely extraordinary)
  • Almafi Pizza (Authentic Italian food! Such a beautiful place)
  • W. H Stiles Fish Camp (The Fish is amazing! I had fried Cod and French fries with corn bread — it was so delicious!)

Now for the cherry on top — Ponce City Market!

This place is a must see! The building was formerly the Sears Building, but was left vacant in 1987. Eventually, someone had the idea to renovate it and turn it into shops, apartments, a beltline and rooftop dining and put put golf! Whoever came up with the idea is brilliant!

There is no place that I’ve been that’s like it. There are absolutely adorable shops, various food choices, a place to bike, walk or run (on the beltline), mini-golf and an amusement park games on the roof! I went there twice because there was more to do and to see!

But the best thing I did here was visiting Skyline Park! Before going up, I met a man, named Shaun, who worked for Jamestown’s Properties who was more than helpful when it came to directing us where we wanted to go.

When we got up to The Roof, as they call it, my friends and I were amazed! We took an old elevator shaft up to the roof…

Then we all slid down a slide.

We all had the BEST time scoping out the place! It’s the only place in Atlanta where you can see the Atlanta Skyline from up high.

This place is amazing and it’s a must see. Just make sure you bring extra money with you because it’s a $10 entrance fee (higher during peak times). It costs to play mini-golf, skeeball, and other games.

My friends and I had a fabulous time! It was worth going to see. Also, Brian, who is the manager at Skyline, is really a cool guy! If I’m in Atlanta again, you will likely catch me at Skyline Park!

Until next time, cheers!

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