Explore Your Back Yard: My Top Favorite Coffee Shops!

So, for those of you who don’t know me, I love coffee. I also love finding new coffee shops.

Today, I decided to check out a place I haven’t been to before. Maybe today was a bad day for the staff, but I wasn’t very impressed. I was hoping they’d make the list but they didn’t.

Okay, so here is the order from least favorite to my absolute favorite:

#6- Sip Java

Best quality: is their location. They’re right in downtown Fort Lauderdale which is great for business meetings, but to me (personally) it just feels too much like a Starbucks.

Favorite Drink: Good Karma

#5- Ann’s Florist & Coffee Bar

Best Quality: It’s a florist and a coffee bar, can it get any better than this? Also, it’s located right on Las Olas (The most famous/luxurious) Street in Fort Lauderdale.

Favorite Drink: macchiato

#4- Grind Coffee Project

Best Quality: This place is located in what looks kinda like a garage. The whole front of the building opens up like a garage door. It’s also situated close to a neighborhood so while you’re sitting outside you can people watch. It’s a great spot to visit.

Favorite Drink: Cortado

#3- SwitchBox Coffee

Best Quality: Very spacious. You can sit inside or out and be able to get work done. Also the staff has always greeted me warmly.

Favorite Drink: They make a GREAT flat white!

#2- Brew Urban

Best Quality: This place is unbelievable. You feel like you’re walking into a storybook! It looks like you’ve walked into the wrong place until you meander to an opening and boom you’re in the most amazing room. The back of the building looks out on train tracks and sometimes opens. There is an entire wall of books! And, half a vehicle. You have to see it to believe it. The staff is quick to get your drink started for you.

Favorite Drink: The BEST cortado I’ve ever had!

#1- Ella Cafe

Best Quality: Their coffee and menu selection! They have the best coffee I’ve had anywhere and I’ve been all over. They make their own syrups and offer macadamia nut milk– SO DELICIOUS! Also, the inside is decorated so beautiful. It always feel like Paris to me and I love Paris! The ONLY complaint I have with them is that their staff moved incredibly SLOW (which is also weird cause there are always so many staff there). Make sure you go when you have time to kill.

Favorite Drink: Iced Latte with Hazelnut Ella and Macadamia nut milk!

(As you can see my sister, Alean, and I are quite taken with the adorableness of Ella Cafe)

I hope you enjoyed this post! Go out and find some coffee shops for yourself! I’d love to hear what you find!

Until next time, cheers, Friends! ☕️

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