How to travel when you don’t have the money

I want you to think of what you do when you travel.

  • You eat out
  • You see sights
  • You enjoy friends or meet new ones
  • You explore

I think too often we think “traveling” means going to Asia and seeing the Great Wall of China (which is still on my list of things to see), but what about exploring our backyards?

I recently met a friend who moved into my city from another state. She’s always looking for things to do — which I love! I feel like I finally have someone to explore with!

This past weekend she said, “I’m meeting a friend in Miami, want to come?” There are several places in Miami that I haven’t been to but wanted to; one of which is Wynwood.

We had a blast! First, we ate breakfast at MIAM Cafe which had amazing food and great coffee.

Then we walked around, when to Wynwood Walls which is also a good place to get inside for a little bit to beat the sun.

It was great! From there we went to South Beach. We tried to park at South Pointe Park but the parking lot was full so we settled for a random parking spot and an off beat park — we still had fun.

So, I know I happen to live in a state with destination spots, but that doesn’t mean we always make the time to explore our backyards.

So find a cute coffee shop or a bookstore or a cool art gallery and act like a tourist. You’ll be surprised how exploring your backyard actually feels like traveling because you are you just didn’t have to travel 8- 16 hours to get there!

Another cheap way to travel is road trip to a friend’s house or apartment. I have friends all over the place. Go visit them and explore their “backyard” you never know it could be one of your best trips and some of your most memorable moments!

Cheers, Friend!

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