A Hop Across the Pond

My friend is studying at Oxford for the year and invited me for a visit. A trip to England? Sounded like a solid plan to me! I was told to take Norwegian Air because they only have direct flights, they’re significantly cheaper than other airlines.

I was VERY impressed with them. I paid a little extra for a bag and two meals. It was STILL significantly cheaper than ANY other airline I looked at (SIDE NOTE: For flights, I look into all airlines through multiple sites).

I arrived into London-Gatwick which I found to be MUCH nicer than London-Heathrow. Also, Gatwick has the train station located in the South Terminal. Ask the attendant to help you get the ticket to get into downtown London (get a return ticket too). Flying into Gatwick was so easy and uneventful! From there, I took a Black Cab (HUGE MISTAKE) to my hotel. After that, I used Metro Cars.

Holiday Inn- London Gatwick- Worth was a nice hotel – simple, but clean. It was a bit far from the airport (about a 10 minute drive). But, it was in the countryside and it was lovely to see the countryside a bit. There are also a lot of horses around there. Their fitness facility looks quite nice too. Overall, I had no complaints.

I give a thumbs up to:

  • Norwegian Air (just remember to purchase the extra bag and meal with your ticket)
  • London Gatwick Airport
  • Metro Cars
  • Holiday Inn London Gatwick -Worth



Hope this helps on your next trip to London!

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